FrogPrintz Productions TM


 Combining the medium of music and film, we produce seasonal landscape and wilderness adventure videos that speak to the heart. Our very popular DVD series will take you on awe-inspiring journeys to some of the world’s most beautiful places. Immerse yourself in these amazing scenic moments while listening to imaginative prose and stimulating orchestrations playing in the background. Our musical vignettes paint pictures in the mind, loosen emotions, and are therapeutic in their ability to eliminate stress and restore a positive outlook on life. They are an escape for the senses. Come trek with us! You too may gain a renewed sense of appreciation for the majestic wonders of creation.

Besides Independent Short Films, we also provide Broadcast TV Animation, Electronic Books, and Video Editing Services. Production Development and Technical Writing assistance is available as well. Utilizing highly specialized multi-media techniques, we can write, graphically illustrate, film and package stimulating, learning enhanced training guides that will boost your corporate products and professional image.



We have a state-of-the-art recording facility capable of both analog and digital output. Our sound experts can develop and arrange custom musical  themes, special effects, and provide professional narration to set apart your service offerings. This one-stop shop approach is the key to our success.

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