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Early civilization no doubt took pleasure in gathering around an open fire. Here at its warmth  the family group could find safety, comfort, conversation and companionship. Trace the origin of our word fireplace and you will find it definitively related to the Latin word focus. This, is the explanation of what home has always meant; for home is at the center of life - no mere residence of the body, but the axis of the heart; the place where affections and intimacy develop, where children love and learn, where two toil together to make life a blessing.

To describe in a single word the despair of want, we say of a man he is homeless. True, life is a journey, and we are all on a pilgrimage. But when distance has lost its enchantment and the ardor for adventure has cooled; when danger has been bravely faced and wonder satiated, hearts long for a resting place and find in the ruddy glows of the hearth-fire, a welcomeness that hallows life and gives refuge to a man’s tired spirit.

Poor indeed is the man or woman whose mind is not enriched by some lasting truth and beauty that serves to remind and restore our balance in the exigencies of life. Each of us needs in the heart’s treasury, the memory of a scripture or two to honor and praise our creator – and, indeed, almost as great as the ability to remember these lines of strength, is the ability to use that line to higher levels of emotion and achievement.

Here are a few scriptural based maxims that give me comfort. Perhaps you will find inspiration in them as well.

  • Is there in the whole wide world anything better and sweeter than the knowledge that we are beloved by those we care for?
  • Always be attentive and patient. Whatever you have to do, do it the best you can, and never forget this.
  • You gain little by being brutal. You gain much, much more by being kind.
  • He who teaches others is taught himself.
  • With focus and persistence one can retain any result.
  • A good teacher is better than the best of books.
  • One is always rewarded for his goodness to others.